Chicago PD - 2.03 The Weight Station - Press Release

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Now the blog that steal everyone’s stuff is getting credit for other peoples work in articles??? Hell nah! People, come on. sophiabushadaily reposts people hard work and doesn’t make their own stuff! DON’T REBLOG FROM THEM! Reblog from the original owner only! The originals are always further down in the Sophia tag. Don’t follow them either. Until they stop being lazy and rude and start making their own edits and gifs. That’s totally not fair to the people that put time and effort into the edits and gifs they make.

Chicago PD - 2.02 Get My Cigarettes - Press Release

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Linstead promo stills / Chicago PD 2x01 - “Call it Macaroni”

Chicago PD - 2.01 - Call It Macaroni - Press Release

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