Antonio Dawson → 1×11

Chicago PD - 1x13: My Way - Press Release

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Turn Off the Light, 1.11

Chicago Fire 2×20 / Chicago PD 1×12 promo I. [x]

Chicago PD - 1x12: 8:30 PM - Press Release

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purple-and-red-ribbons whispered: So what do you think of Jin being part of the main cast but barely seeing him? I really like him and think we should get some backstory on him or focus more than a couple of lines per episode on him. He needs his own plot.

I know I’d really like to see more. I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen other shows (I can’t think of right off the top of my head  it’s been a long day where someone has been a regular and not seen much). I hope with us getting a season 2 that will change and we’ll see him. It seems we’re seeing him a little more. I want to say I think for the crossover event we might see him a lot more, but that’s speculation